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Our lashes in ‘Body Count’ are the perfect Wispy lash. It’s flirty, full, sexy, and one of our faves. These lashes can body any look, and is a must have for your lash collection!

Body Count

AU$25.00 Regular Price
AU$15.00Sale Price
  • All of our lashes are Faux Mink and are 100% Cruetly Free. Meaning they resemble Real Mink Lashes, but are Synthetic and are NOT real hair from an actual Mink. Our Synthetic lashes have a thin band for ease of application to fit/shape to any eye. Being Synthetic they hold their curl/ style a lot longer than other types of False Lashes, for example Real Mink Lashes, as they're a natural hair fibre they tend to look great initially, but lose their curl over time. 


    There are a lot of Cruetly Free options for False Lashes that doesn't involve harming any animals. Some retailers will advertise Real Mink Lashes to be 100% Cruetly Free, claiming that they only collect hair that fall off the Mink naturally, that they are free range animals or that they brush the minks and collect the hair that fall off their backs and this is completely false. It has been proven that Mink factories keep the animals to be bred and slaughtered in un-satisfactory conditions (in tiny cages, cramped up together, in unsanitary conditions)  and the claim to brush the minks and collecting the hair that falls off of them but does not include that the Minks are brushed until their skin breakes/ bleeds. With this information, Link Up Lashes do NOT support/ stock Real Mink Lashes/ Retailers for this reason. Here is a link to the PETA website going into further detail the cruetly that Minks endure to have their hair manufactured into retail items:


    Our Synthetic Lashes are also reusable, we reccomend using a Lash Cleanser to get all the built up adhesive and dirt/ makeup off after each use (we have our own we will introduce in the near future). But keeping them clean and brushing out the lashes when wet, leaving them out and allowing them to dry completely and they're good as new! We do not reccomend re-using the lashes without cleansing them first. 

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